foreign missions

Monacrest takes seriously the call of Christ to "go to the ends of the earth."
In 2002, we felt that God was calling us to give more financially to both foreign and local missions.
We began tithing 10% of our general budget to organizations outside of the church walls.

We also began "going."
We now have partnerships with multiple Free Methodist missionaries,
Free Methodist churches and countries along with partnerships with pastors and countries
outside of the Free Methodist Church.

See below for a list of some of the ways we are involved around the world.

free methodist world missions 

Our church financially supports several Free Methodist missionaries and countries.  
Persings in Thailand.
Fajardos in Spain.

Our newest partnership is in the Middle East.  For ways to help, please see one of the pastors.  

To see a record of our giving or to get more information on other missionaries or countries that we support, please contact the church office.  


mission trips

Monacrest has partnerships with multiple churches and missionaries around the world.
We take mission trips at least every other year.  
For 12 years we have partnered with 9 different churches in Latin America.
We also partner with an organization in Asia and take trips to support orphans and refugees.
To find out when our next mission opportunity is, please see Pastor Collene or Pastor Emilee.


Christmas eve offering

Every Christmas Eve we take a special offering to support a special organization that serves around the world.  100% of our offering goes toward this project.